Paying with GoCardless Direct Debit is 100% secure, its very simple to use and set up, your bank details are never disclosed to H2o Cleaning Services.

GoCardless use your sort code and account number, not your debit card details! You will always be covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Payment is taken 5 days after we have cleaned your property. GoCardless will contact you via Email to let you know the amount that is due and the date it will be collected.

If we don't clean your windows for any reason GoCardless will NOT take a payment.

This is not a monthly direct debit.

1. Is GoCardless a monthly Direct Debit?

No GoCardless will only ask for a payment when a job is competed.

2. We Haven't had our windows cleaned will payment still be taken?

No Payments will be taken unless windows have been cleaned.

3. How will I know when payment is going to be taken? 

Payment is collected 5 days after your windows have been cleaned. You will receive an email from GoCardless prior to your payment been taken informing you of the amount due and the date the payment will be collected.

 4. Can I cancel or stop this this payment method if I don't want to use it anymore or if we cancel our window cleaning service? 

Yes you have full control as you would with any Direct Debit payment set up.


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